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Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Hobbies

Having a number of boats, he endeavors to sail them when the opportunity presents itself. Jean Claude Chalhoub (http://lb.viadeo.com/en/profile/jean-claude.chalhoub) delights in obtaining antiques and wines. Apart from his work related activities, Jean Claude Chalhoub engages in multiple leisurely pastimes.

The Role of the Family Business for Jean Claude Chalhoub

Becoming a member of the company as a member of staff and rising to the top has given Jean Claude Chalhoub a deep awareness concerning the demands of each department. Jean Claude Chalhoub joined the family business as an employee after completing his education in France. Building practical experience in his family company has ensured that he has the foundations for remarkable achievements.

Personal Skills of Jean Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub`s distinct qualities make him the appropriate leader of his father's and family's business. His ability to communicate in a variety of languages has helped him to comprehend the characteristics of various markets that the company operates in. Jean Claude Chalhoub`s most impressive skill is his ability to communicate efficiently and to develop trust between himself and the people he meets. Customers are able to communicate directly with him effortlessly, due to the fact that he can speak up to five languages.

His family made sure he was showered with attention. The father of Jean Claude Chalhoub is the founder of a multinational insurance and reinsurance business. Born in the late 50's in Egypt, he comes from a corporate lineage. Whilst becoming the person he is today, Jean Claude Chalhoub's personality was shaped largely by his nation of birth and his interactions with his family.

Business Leader

His dynamic directing skills and rising industry growth are advantageous for the future of the organisation. After demonstrating his value by studying every aspect of the company, Jean Claude Chalhoub got picked by his father to join management. His expertise and flexibility stood him in good stead to be chosen for a managerial role. Jean Claude Chalhoub developed the business even more when he explored regions such as Canada, Latin America and France.