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A Week In Review

I have found out that cooking for one isn't in Southern DNA. I wasn't taught to cook for one, I don't have recipes that feed less than four people. And that was ok because we ate leftovers or I froze them into dinners. But now I'm the only one to eat those frozen dinners, and I'm not really excited about the 6 chicken noodle soups currently taking up space in my freezer. So I've been eating salads and sandwiches until I can get together with my Echo Dot to reduce my favorite meals to something more manageable.

But there is a light at the end of that tunnel! My sister has invited me to come to her house for Sunday dinners with her family. This is the sister who was asked to bring ice and paper plates to Thanksgiving dinner. And after doing a little subtle resonance, I'm assured she's moved beyond ordering out.

I lost my keys and found them 30 minutes later in a bag containing toilet paper and don't even ask what made me think to look in there. I was asked to perform my first speaking engagement this week concerning pollinators. When one of my first questions was whether marijuana was a pollinating plant I knew this was going to be a fun day. We spent several minutes pondering the question of bee health, honey production, and marketing if marijuana turned out to be a pollinating plant.

I challenged myself to a Tolerance and Understanding with Kindness week or TUK. And I was challenged as I had to speak to three different government agencies in one day. I speak fluent governese, so it went well. And I battled a mean streak earlier this week when I had to hire a Lawn Guy. My mower decided it was a good week to go on strike, in the meantime, the grass has been neglected and I've noticed my next-door neighbor sending Karen vibes my way, so I hired someone. I told him it was just the front and side yards as my back doesn't have grass. As I happened to be home when the crew of 6 showed up at my door for a yard I wasn't previously aware could accommodate 6 people, I watched silently from the house as they took the equipment to the backyard. I waited. There appeared to be a conference, a phone call, then another. My cell rang. "Ma'am. This is your new Lawn Guy, did you want us to mow your backyard?" Oh No, I said, don't go back there, my four Rotwillers have access to the backyard. Yeah, the battle over my mean streak didn't last long and was unsuccessful. It also proved once again that a woman would have read the instructions for the yard job, and men just do what men do.

My morbid sense of humor took over as my son purchased a piece of cremation jewelry and then proceeded to pack a small part of his dad into a sterling silver arrow necklace. As tears gathered, I watched the procedure while thinking if he sneezes, I'm going to lose it. And did you know cremation jewelry comes with a tiny spoon and funnel? Mark would have loved this!

The week has ended with me cleaning everything within reach, and honestly being 5"4 it stopped about there. I have plans to eat a salad for lunch, join my sister for dinner then fall down a YouTube hole starting with marijuana pollination and see where it leads me. This week I reached for tolerance, understanding, and kindness and found that funny came along. It was a good week.


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